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for Chicago startups.

3X the number of qualified calls your sales team has in 30 days without any additional work.

keep you or your team on the phone closing - we handle getting quality leads on the schedule

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As a startup, our founding team was so focused on other priorities that setting sales meetings continued to get pushed down the list. We needed a partner to truly understand and communicate Vested's value proposition to prospects and Salient Growth did just that. We've since been able to double our revenue in the first half of the year and look forward to continued success.


Akash CEO, Vested Technology https://getvested.io

To start the year, our sales team spent most of their time qualifying leads, and chasing after poor-quality conversations that didn't result in sales. I wanted them on the phone closing, not building our marketing funnel. Salient Growth changed that - our revenue closed tripled after working with them for one month

Shedwool CEO

Cory Warfield CEO, Shedwool https://shedwool.com


By working with us, our clients:

Triple conversions in 30 days
Decrease time chasing unqualified leads by 200%
Increase time spent closing business by 400%